Wedding day

Are You Really Ready to Set the Date?

You caught the bride’s bouquet and are next in line to get married. But marriage must be mulled over. The saying ‘marry in haste, repent at leisure!’ obviously originated from bitter experience. Answer these questions honestly and then get your partner to do the same. Don’t be discouraged if you still need to work at your relationship before you set the date, at least you’ll know where to start.

  • You can listen and talk freely to each other and respect one another’s opinions
  • You feel better after having spent time together – which happens often
  • You generally resolve arguments in such a way that you both win and you do not hold grudges
  • You have similar interests and have mutual friends
  • You feel the same way about money or you’ve worked out a compromise
  • You know what debt each other has (if applicable), what each other earns and what investments you each have
  • You have discussed the way in which your joint finances are to be managed and are both happy with the decision
  • You have similar goals and aspirations, have agreed on how and when these will be achieved and on how you will each contribute to making your dreams come true
  • You have similar ideas about having children and have decided on how many you would like. If there are children from a previous marriage, you are both happy with the arrangements concerning them and with the way your partner treats your children
  • You have discussed and agreed to a birth control method
  • You have talked frankly about previous sexual partners, if any, and have no skeletons left in the cupboard
  • You have similar value systems
  • You feel the same way about religion and agree on how it will be incorporated into your family
  • You get along with each other’s families and agree on what boundaries will be set regarding the role each other’s family will play in your lives
  • You have talked about the possibility of having to care for your partner’s children from a previous marriage, if applicable, or your partner’s parents at some future date
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