As soon as I poured myself a tasty adult bevy (vodka and Pepsi Max, which my friend Charlie Athanas and I have decided to call “The BSG4” – I’m sorry I don’t have a snappier name, but I’d like to retroactively drink this bevy for most of season 4) this ep started getting good.
pink raygun 1
And it wasn’t because my perception was altered. It takes a bit for it to hit me. Tonight, I sat down with a BSG4* in my hand and shortly thereafter, Starbuck pulled out Hera’s drawing and began playing “All Along the Watchtower”. – Ashley Black
From that point, things started happening. Up until then, I felt like I was watching Jimmy Smits die on NYPD Blue all over again.
While Boomer and Chief had their in-head moments, John and I were so bored we were discussing the traits of our imaginary baby (because Boomer’s and Chief’s imaginary baby was kinda lame): The Invincible Galousha Zoltan Rosebud Fary/Dallaire (we’re going to start a slash trend – hyphens are so20th century), who would shoot lightning bolts from his eyes and poop gold coins whenever we gave him a cookie.
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