If you go to comic conventions, you get used to seeing a lot of strange things: strange costumes, weird drawings, odd conversations about aliens or superpowers or the minutiae of cult television shows. You get so used to seeing the strange that the strange becomes normal. Half-naked anime chicks? Been there, done that. Zombies? Yeah, about 500 of them. So, it was interesting that the thing that caught my attention my first day at New York Comic Con was this slight, pretty girl in her early twenties in normal, albeit trendy clothing, with a sandwich board-like sign around her neck. The front read: My dad invented the light saber. As she walked by, I saw that the back read: No, really. I’m serious. My inner New York Cynic said Yeah, right, and I moved on. But I kept seeing her everywhere, and the more I saw her the more curious I became about the stupid sign!
Fate allowed us to be standing in the same line at the Starbucks in the Jacob Javitz Center, and as she was getting her latte and being photographed by drooling fanboys, I sipped my caramel macchiato and was finally able to ask, What’s the deal with the sign?
Blonde Woman
The 20-year-old’s name is Chloe Dykstra, and she’s the daughter of John Dykstra, who did the special effects for Star Wars, and Cass McCune, whose done several production jobs in Hollywood including being a production assistant on the original Battlestar Galactica. Pretty child of Hollywood parents, who is building an acting and modeling career in her own right? It would be easy to hate her under normal circumstances, but having geeky parents does have its privileges. They’ve raised a daughter who’s a sweetheart – kind to hot, Hollywood types (particularly Neil Patrick Harris) and geeky fanboys alike. And her dad did, indeed, invent the light saber. – Ashley Black
TERESA JUSINO: Now, both your parents are “in the business”, but they’re behind the scenes. What was it like growing up with Hollywood parents who weren’t really “Hollywood parents?” What about your childhood was surprisingly crazy? What about it was surprisingly normal? Any great stories you’d like to share?
CHLOE DYKSTRA: Since both of my parents are very creative people, they’re both pretty fascinating. While they’ve both been through a lot, they have the mentality of 25 year olds, so it was kind of like living with roommates. My mom’s first job before she got into TV was a tour manager, so instead of Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls, I grew up listening to Beck and Leonard Cohen. The way my father and I bonded was through video games (Our favorite is Ocarina of Time), kind of an offshoot of what he does. It was also pretty awesome being eleven and navigating my way through all these premieres and the Oscars. I was a bit of an outcast in high school, so it was insane to get to meet all my favorite movie stars. My dad even thanked me once while receiving an Oscar. Plus, because of my father, I got to work on some of his movies. Being directed by Sam Raimi on Spiderman II was totally and completely awesome. Watch for the kid in the train sequence who had the inspired line, “Me too.” I even had my own stunt double. WTF, right?
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