First Date

Conversation Starters for First Dates

Not everyone would prefer the same first date conversation topics. But to give you an idea of the whole picture, remember that your date is no different from you. If you think that you have no idea what first date conversation topics he would prefer, your date would be in the same predicament. Both of you actually share the same fears.Here are a few first date conversation topics that you might want to explore.

As a first date conversation topic you can start by complimenting on your date’s outfit. To compliment on what your date is wearing is to make him feel good about himself. Should you be able to ask where he bought it, you will learn something about his or her clothing style and preferences

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You can ask your date how his day has been. This first date conversation topic will soon progress to what he does for a living. Asking your date how he got to this position is a foolproof first date conversation topic. It will allow you to find out what things he used to do before landing his or her present job. ‘What if’ questions are also good first date conversation topics. You can ask him what he is doing now and if he could have any job anywhere in the world, what would it be

Ask your date where he lives and has lived. This first date conversation topic will let you end up in the name-game and find out if you have common friends or acquaintances. You will discover how great bonding element this would be

You can also ask your date where he or she would really like to live for the rest of his life. This first date conversation topic will tell you so much about his long-term plans

Other first date conversation topics can range from questions about your date’s family, current events topics, or even what he or she likes doing on weekends or as a hobby

Your date’s responses to your questions on the first date conversation topics you choose will take you from there. These first date conversation topics can be very handy for those uncomfortable silences

Remember to try your best to overcome the jitters. Just be yourself. If you try to be someone you are not, it will not make things better

Be sensitive to your date’s responses to the first date conversation topic you strike. Show him you are interested in what he has to say through your body language and eye contact. A good sense of humour will do wonders to those first date conversation topics. Learn how to flirt as well and be able to learn how to deal with his questions also. Avoid sending mixed messages. Most of all be comfortable with your first date conversation topic. That way, there won’t be any chance for you to be nervous at all, because you did not only handle the what, but the how as well

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