First Date 2

First Date Do’s and Don’ts

First Date


  • Laugh at his jokes, even if you don’t find them funny or if you don’t get them. You want to make him feel good about himself and you don’t want to seem stupid, right?
  • Talk about him as much as possible
  • Complement his car and his clothes – they all love that!
  • If you had a good time, show him with a kiss and phone him the next day to thank him again for a great night out. We tend to leave all the romancing up to the guy in the beginning of a relationship, why not let him know that you are interested too
  • Make the next move


  • If he takes you out to dinner, don’t order anything that will be difficult to eat and that might make you feel embarrassed, like ribs
  • Order the most expensive thing on the menu – you don’t want him to think that you will be high maintenance
  • Talk about your ex, especially if you still have feelings for him. You want this new guy to think that he is the only one on your mind (I hope he is!)
  • Talk about getting married and having children – nothing makes a guy run faster than a broody girl!
  • Talk about yourself to much, except if he asks you about your life
  • Complain about the food, you will only make him feel bad
  • Hassle him about the bill, you will hurt his ego if you insist on paying for
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