I can’t even tell you how great a metaphor it is to have a government official like a mayor turn into a huge overpowering demon who looks, admittedly, like a giant penis. This is what makes this show just so damn awesome. Legend…wait for it…dary.
So episode begins where we ended last time. Buffy stabbed Faith with Mr. Point Knife 2.0, and Faith didn’t let her have the satisfaction of her death. She jumped onto a truck bed instead. And just as Buffy leaves, the Mayor is at the broken window. “She took the fight outside. My Faith doesn’t like to be cooped up.” This has definitely shaken the Mayor. Faith is a good girl. “She’ll be all right. She’ll be all right.”
Meanwhile, Giles and Xander try to bat more than zero when Cordy asks for an explanation for Wesley. He’s leaving the country now that he’s no longer her watcher. Sickly Angel just gets sicker and he begins to confuse Willow for Buffy. He’s delirious. But he also admits, in this wide-eyed delirium, that he can’t live without Buffy, and that he can’t leave. But Will is having smoochies because in some ways, it’s the best night of her life. Buffy comes in all doom and gloom without Faith. But she’s got an idea. – Ashley Black
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“Angel, I can cure you,” she says. “Listen to me. You’re gonna live. Drink.” Buffy takes off her coat. Moves her hair back. “Drink Me.” Down the rabbit hold we go, but Angel argues that it’ll kill her. “Not if you don’t take it all.” But Buffy can’t watch him die. Again. He can barely walk. “I won’t let you die. Drink!” And then she punches him to get his game face on. One of the hottest scenes of the series, he drinks her. And drinks. And drinks. And there’s a sensual running of blood down her back as they slow motion crash to the ground and he drinks, more and more. And finally, they have sex. Sort of. The only kind they can ever have, without Angel losing his soul. Buffy grips his back, pulls her legs up around him, and then in a wonderful Hitchcockian move, the camera scales back focusing just on her eye as she closes them, perhaps for the last time. Angel rushes her to the hospital, screaming that she needs blood. So freaking hot.
But in great irony, Faith and the Mayor are next door. Faith is in a coma, and he’s told that there’s almost no chance that she’s ever going to regain consciousness. Blood loss. Head trauma. “It’s your day,” the Mayor whispers. He overhears that there’s another young girl with blood loss and walks next door. Of course it’s Buffy. Angel’s on the phone and the Mayor tries to kill her by putting his hand over her mouth. Angel is there just in time. “Murderous little fiend. Did you see what she did to my Faith? I will share a world of pain with you and your whore!” he screams. (sidenote: Buffy is in blue sheets while Faith rests in pink). The gang comes to the hospital and figures out Buffy let Angel drink from her.
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