Ben Linus and Noah Bennet should hang out. They can share tips on how to more effectively be duplicitous bastards.


“The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” was an hour of John Locke FAIL. He couldn’t convince any of the Oceanic Six to go back (gee, maybe because he’d been such a tool on the island?), except for Jack, who was already working on his Emotional Screw Up Beard.

Speaking of, how much man juice does that guy have? The Emotional Screw Up Beard was just getting started in this ep. When we first saw the Coffin of Mystery! at the end of season three, Jack’s beard was epic. He grew that in just a few days?

Sorry, Locke. No matter what Ben says, you can’t count the unstable, unnaturally hairy doctor as a win. Now, you have to die.

Resurrection has only made Locke more annoyingly cryptic, starting with his reappearance on the island wearing a blanket as an Emperor Palpatine robe. Lucky for him, he now has a whole new plane load of survivors to infuriate with his smug, secret knowledge of the island.

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