Holy crap. Was it me, or was tonight’s episode of Chuck like, the best episode ever? Sexy Asian man candy, a ridiculously brutal biracial girl fight, and a car explosion with heartbreaking emotional resonance… all leading up to Jeffster! performing the best cover of “Africa” on earth. Chuckles, I salute you. I laughed, I cried, and I sang my frickin’ heart out with Lester.
“Chuck vs. the Best Friend” opens with a flashback of a girl punching a pre-pubescent Morgan in the face for spying on her in gym class. Just as he’s about to really get the crap beaten out of him, Morgan’s savior comes in the form of one Chuck Bartowski, who tells the beardless Morgan that he should stay away from girls for about fifteen years.
Ticket Roll
Cut to present-day Morgan(approximately fifteen years later), heartbroken over his break-up with the “5′2, 96 pound, of Chinese descent” Anna. Convinced she’s seeing someone else, he enlists Chuck and the rest of the Buy More group to stalk/spy on her. From Jeff’s (ridiculously creepy) surveillance van, they discover that Anna is in fact seeing a very handsome someone: sexy, healthy-haired and BMW-driving Jason Wang. After Chuck flashes on the plates of Jason’s car, the CIA tell him his new assignment: to befriend his best friend’s ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend, and to find out his exact involvement with the dangerous Asian gang, the Triads. – Ashley Black
And thus embarks Chuck’s self-inflicted journey of guilt as he attempts to successfully complete his mission. Things are complicated further as the Triads mistake Morgan for a spy and set out to kill him. When the Triads capture and stuff Morgan into the Chinese Ambassador’s bomb-planted car, Chuck fearlessly saves the day by chasing the car down and removing the bomb. One epic Nerd Herd car explosion later and Morgan and the Chinese Ambassador are safe, while the Triads plus Jason are held in custody.
Chuck’s most appealing quality is the way he cares for those close to him, and it was compelling to see Chuck so adamantly protecting Morgan throughout the entirety of the episode. As Chuck tells Sarah, Morgan is more than his best friend; he’s Chuck’s family. And family is worth risking your life for, whether it be from punching girls, Asian gangs, or car bombs.
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