The Rebel Alliance spends the entire episode waiting on Matt Parkman to fish answers out of Noah Bennet’s head. The End.
Okay, so that’s not the end. Close to it, though. This is a very action-light episode. Peter, Matt, and Mohinder decided to kidnap Mr. Bennet to learn who is behind Super Gitmo. I’m pretty sure we covered this already when Nathan was at the crash site, supervising the teams there. No? Well, um, surprise? Nathan is in charge. And his Hunter is a jerk to Mr. B all the time because he doesn’t trust him. That proves he’s seen the show because if anyone is going to be the turncoat, it’s Noah Bennet.
Brown Haired Girl
And, lo! He is! Despite Primatech going to that great paper recycling plant in the sky, Mr. Bennet and Mama Petrelli are hatching something to undermine Nathan’s little scheme. Mr. B will have to do awful things to continue to gain Nathan’s and the Hunter’s trust. That’s okay: besides turning on his employers, living in moral limbo is what Mr. B does best. This is all a callback to “Company Man,�? still the best episode of this entire series, but it has exactly half the pathos and even less believable conflict. Whereas “Company Man�? humanized Mr. Bennet, “Cold Wars�? finds him to treading the same scummy water as the last two volumes. All this has happened before… – Ashley Black
The Cliff’s Notes for this episode: Mr. B is in with the government but good. Matt and Peter are at large. Mohinder gets snatched in a last-ditch effort to look like less of a tool in front of his friends. It turns out that Mr. Bennet wanted to recruit him to stop Nathan back when, and Mohinder just ignored him…and never told his friends about any of it even when it became clear that Super Gitmo was not a joke. (That’s not Bennet’s sense of humor at all.) Nathan says Mohinder has to help him get rid of abilities. We are skirting daaaaaaaangerously close to the Formula territory here. This episode might have been dull, but it’s got nothing on the last volume for bludgeoning the audience to death with stupidity. Let’s not go back there.
Everyone else is MIA this week as the three least interesting characters on the show get to torture the most interesting one. We can reliably assume Hiro and Ando are up to Wacky Hijinks ™ and that Claire is sheltering another boyfriend from Mr. Horn-Rimmed Glasses and that Sylar has probably ripped somebody’s head open (alas, not Luke’s) in the interim.
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