As soon as I poured myself a tasty adult bevy (vodka and Pepsi Max, which my friend Charlie Athanas and I have decided to call “The BSG4” – I’m sorry I don’t have a snappier name, but I’d like to retroactively drink this bevy for most of season 4) this ep started getting good.
Movie Film
And it wasn’t because my perception was altered. It takes a bit for it to hit me. Tonight, I sat down with a BSG4* in my hand and shortly thereafter, Starbuck pulled out Hera’s drawing and began playing “All Along the Watchtower”. – Ashley Black
From that point, things started happening. Up until then, I felt like I was watching Jimmy Smits die on NYPD Blue all over again.
While Boomer and Chief had their in-head moments, John and I were so bored we were discussing the traits of our imaginary baby (because Boomer’s and Chief’s imaginary baby was kinda lame): The Invincible Galousha Zoltan Rosebud Fary/Dallaire (we’re going to start a slash trend – hyphens are so20th century), who would shoot lightning bolts from his eyes and poop gold coins whenever we gave him a cookie.
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