I wonder if Tricia Helfer is prepared to answer questions about Battlestar Galactica for the rest of her life. This week, Pink Raygun was on a conference call with Helfer in promotion of her appearance on USA’s Burn Notice, but the first question was about BSG.


Moderator Our first question comes from the line of Alan Blair.  Please go ahead.

T. Helfer There definitely is, yes.  For the first time I find out after five years of filming what that relationship is, so there will be a conclusion by the finale, yes.

– Ashley Black

Moderator    We have a question from the line of Jamie Steinberg.  Please go ahead.

T. Helfer I’d say there was instant chemistry, but it was really only, I really only worked with Jeffrey Donovan.  I met Gabrielle and I met Bruce and worked with him a little bit.  Bruce is just such an easy going guy it’s impossible not to get along with him, and Gabrielle is really sweet.  Jeffrey had actually emailed me prior to going down there the first time to welcome me and say he was excited that I was joining the show.  So I went down knowing it was going to be a great cast to work with and they didn’t let me down, they were just really wonderful to work with.

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